Cardiff pub talk: News and Rumours

police squad


“What’s the word on street, Johnny?”

There’s plenty of change in the Cardiff beer scene, with various managers and brewers coming and going. The head brewer at Zerodegrees has accepted a job offer in Austria, and leaves Cardiff shortly. Her replacement is an Italian brewer reputed to be quite experienced, and he’s spent the past two weeks getting to know the brewery before he heads it up. There’s currently a Germanic trend to the beers at Zerodegrees, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the near future.

Meanwhile, over at Brains, Ffion Jones has levelled up to become their first female brewer. This is excellent news and sure to lend the Brains range even more creativity and enthusiasm. You can follow her on twitter at @ffiionjones

Brains Craft are also making a new stout developed by the manager of the Goat Major, Chris Rowlands, called Beardface. You can follow him on twitter @beardfacebeers. The Goat Major are also launching a few new pies, with a Curried Mutton Pie due soon. This follows a recipe similar to the Curried Lamb pie developed for the launch of Colonel Williams IPA, developed by Martyn Cornell last year.

It’s said that the recently opened Fire Island has a new manager, while the landlord of the Discovery has handed in his notice to Enterprise Inns. The cynics reckon onerous pubco ties have forced him out, and it’s only a matter of time before the pub is turned into another Tesco Metro.

I heard all of this from a bloke in a pub, so it must be true.


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