Beardface beer launch

Further to a mention in last week’s Cardiff pub news and rumours, the launch of Beardface is taking place on Wednesday 20 February at the Goat Major, Cardiff. Brewed in collaboration between Brains Craft Brewery and the Goat Major’s manager Chris Rowlands (the eponymous Beardface), Beardface is going to be a milk stout. Alongside the beer launch is a new pie recipe: curried mutton. The recipe is rooted in the curried lamb pie designed to accompany the launch of Colonel Williams IPA; but the word on the tweet is that this version is even tastier.

Pie, beer, pub – what’s not to like? If you’re in Cardiff at 5pm on Wednesday, why not swing by for your tea?

Finally, not only can you follow Chris Rowlands on Twitter at @beardfacebeers, but he’s only gone and gotten himself a blog. Hopefully many pie secrets will be revealed…





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