The Great Welsh Beer Festival is coming

The Great Welsh Beer Festival is coming, and 2013 will be my first time going. I just missed it last year, so I’m really looking forward to it for several reasons. The beer itself goes without saying, with all the great Welsh breweries lined up alongside the far flung breweries I’ve yet to try. The event has been well signposted for awhile now, taking place from Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 June, so I’ve been able to invite friends from all over the country to come down for it.

Most of us did the Great British Beer Festival in London last year, and that was a good gig. CAMRA festivals may not have much razzamatazz, but they’re consistent, and after hearing about the London’s Brewing fiasco I’d prefer a solid outcome over a risky gameplay, especially when it comes down to my country’s beer being showcased before the rest of the world.

As it happens, I live two minutes away from the venue, the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (sometimes referred to as the CIA/Cardiff International Arena, I think), so it’s easy enough for me and the lads to come and go over the weekend. Of course, not everyone has the same luxury, but I realised all in all, the Motorpoint and Cardiff itself is a decent venue for a large scale national beer festival.

The venue is less than a ten minute walk from the train station, surrounded by hotels, and sits at the bottom end of the city centre. So, after the festival, if you haven’t had enough beer or food, there’s all the decent pubs and bars in Cardiff to explore, be it the nightlife of the centre or the relaxed pace of the Bay. There’s a sense of heavy gravity to London, both awesome and crushing in equal measure, while Cardiff fits comfortably in your back pocket but still offers plenty.

Good beer with good company in a good place. It has all the hallmarks of a great weekend. I can’t wait.


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