Great Welsh Beer Fool

The Great Welsh Beer Festival of 2013 is gearing up for its third and final day. Last night I learned a great many things from my first ever visit, and later today I hope to find out a few more things. There will be more on that in due course. Right now, though, I want to focus on a particular failure. I had hoped to finally meet some of the other Welsh beer bloggers who would be there; sadly, I missed Adrian Tierney-Jones on the Thursday, but Arfur Daley, Paul ‘Arn’ Arnold from Blood, Stout and Tears, and the chap from Real Ale in 140 were there on the Friday.

Arfur of Brew Wales was the Festival Organiser and I had met him the week before at the Brains’ Craft Brewery anniversary. I asked him about Arn, who was meant to be in the vicinity according to his latest Untappd post.

“Well, he’s taller than I am,” Arfur offered helpfully. This description came from a man who is around the six foot four mark at least.

“Good lord, he must be seven feet tall!” I said.

“I hear he has arms like tree trunks, and a shock of red hair like the fires of hell,” my friend, Chris Hall, said as he nodded sagely over a glass of Tiny Rebel Vader Shuffle. Our latest reports now put Arn near the Tiny Rebel stand.

“Are you Arn?” I asked the nearest, tallest bloke I could find. He shook his head. Arn could have been any one of the hundreds of people that surrounded us, yet none of them matched the profile we were building on him.

“I hear he fires lasers from his eyes and microwaves pies with his teeth. That’ll be £10 please,” said the woman at the olive stand.

“Am I paying for information?”

“No, you’re paying for olives. That’ll be £10, please.”

I paid and left, she seemed to growing dangerously agitated at my line of questioning. And, at the end of it, that’s all I had. Who was Arn? Why I did I have £10 worth of olives? I went to play the tombola and won a book, but that didn’t help either.

I had failed to meet the people I set out to find. However, it has galvanised me. I reckon the Welsh contingent of the beer blogging community should have a get together, not a beer conference like what will be taking place in Edinburgh next month, but more of a social meet and greet. Welsh beer is coming on, and it would be good for writers of the beer scene to know each other a little better. This is something I plan on working on. But first,  I need a massive breakfast.


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