Fire Island to re-open!

The news is fresh and sudden, delivered by midnight electronic mail express from the Tiny Rebel boys at Tiny Rebel Towers a few hours ago. Their despatch follows:

“Yeah…….we can’t believe it either.

It has happened a little sooner than we thought but we have found the location for our first bar in Cardiff! Formally Fire Island, our first Tiny Rebel Bar is going to be devoted to bringing you the best cask, keg and bottled beer we can get our hands on.

Apart from a few legal bits to sign this is a done deal and we’re going to be busting our asses off to open up Wales’s only hangout for beer junkies sometime in September.

We’ll keep you all updated once things start kicking off because we have a loads more to share with you so keep an eye on future blogs, fb and twitter.

Also, our bar is currently nameless so if you have any ideas please fire them over!

This is going to be the shit!”

There you have it, ladies and gentleman, the shit. Those brave Tiny Rebel boys pipped everyone to the punch for what is easily one of Cardiff’s city centre’s best locations – a ready-to-go, large corner situated pub bang on the artery of Cardiff’s main drinking scene, and right opposite the Millenium Stadium. BrewDog would have loved such a spot, but they were too slow. It probably helps that Tiny Rebel had a business relationship with the former owners. With any luck the separation of Fire Island from the Beatbox group will save all three bars.

Can Tiny Rebel run a bar? I don’t know. But it sounds like they can organise a damn fine piss-up in a brewery, if their advertisement for their next brewery bar event is anything to go by, so it’s all very promising.


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