Cardiff News & Rumours: September

police squad

“What’s the word on the street, Jonny?”

I’m not sure where September has gone, it seems to have slipped past me. Rumours that were newborn a month ago have since cocooned themselves and re-emerged, taking flight as fully grown facts. Indeed, you probably have most of these rumour-facts pinned down and put on display under glass, a mild curio you sometimes chance across and think, ‘oh yes, I remember when that was new.’

All the same, for the sake of thoroughness, I’ll try to catalogue these preserved rumours and facts. The news may be old, but the excitement they generate still flutters in my stomach.

The biggest, perhaps, is the grand opening of the Urban Tap House. The once and future king of Cardiff’s craft beer scene seeks to reclaim its crown on Wednesday 25 September, Tiny Rebel’s will-they-won’t-they panic of pulling it out on time is now a guarantee as solid as the redbrick building itself.

BrewDog Bar rumours remain as persistent as a dog with a bone; lately, though, we think the tenacious pooch might be getting through to the juicy marrow. They have apparently put in an offer for premises in Cardiff, and those premises might be 10 Feet Tall, another bar in the troubled Beatbox Group.

Meanwhile, over on Barrack Lane, doings are afoot as the Waen Brewery seek to open their bottle shop and beer bar around the end of this month. It’ll be a small venue, but one that promises to pack every square inch with beery goodness. It should prove to be the best place in the city centre for buying beer that you can take home, the off-licences in these parts being woefully inadequate until you hit out as far as the Discount Supermarket in Whitchurch or The Bottle Shop in Roath.

On that note, don’t worry about the sound of hammers in the months to come, that’s just Dan from the Bottle Shop building his empire. Several new shops are in the pipe-line, with the first of these opening in Penarth if all goes to plan.

I heard all of this from a bloke down the pub so it must be true.


4 thoughts on “Cardiff News & Rumours: September”

  1. About time the City Centre got a decent bottle shop, even better that it’s on my route home from work. The Cardiff beer scene is looking up. However, I hope the staff at Urban Tap House know more about the product and are more polite than those that worked at Fire Island.

  2. Your going to the Tiny rebel opening I presume?
    If Brewdog do open up at 10 feet it’ll only be a short stagger from the Urban Tap house though which is good. Have to dust of that EFP discount card!

    I’m surprised that the Bottle shop are going for Penarth, I presume they’ve done their market research though. It only has the Arth Wines for decent beer really, and a new shop would mean i could pop in after work, Arth Wines opening hours are a little restrictive, they seem to have improved in their selection recently too with bottles from Celt Experience among others.

    1. I will be there for the opening, yes sir. As to Brewdog, I never invested but if they open in Cardiff I will. A cold war of nerves on that score.

      Penarth is slightly outside my jurisdiction so I can’t really comment on how successful a new beer shop there will be, but Dan seems keen so I hope he does well.

      Keep an eye out for me on Wednesday. I’ve upgraded my beard so I should be easier to spot.

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