Wet January: Day 5 – Timothy Taylor Landlord



The hardest part isn’t finding the time to drink but finding the time to write up the blog. Between today’s work (yes, even on a Sunday…) I reached for this bottle of Timothy Taylor and wasn’t disappointed. Claimed to be Madonna’s favourite ale, Timothy Taylor is a stellar example of Yorkshire bitter at its finest.

This bottle was full of luscious bread and cereal grain flavours, with a solid, mineral backbone and an earthy hop finish, I practically demolished it in three swift gulps. It’s a quality session beer or, as in this case, a great mid-day refresher.


2 thoughts on “Wet January: Day 5 – Timothy Taylor Landlord”

    1. I rate Timothy Taylor on nostalgia value as much as anything else. There are better Yorkshire bitters, certainly in bottle, but as you say, when found on cask in good nick it is a stunner. Since I lived in Yorkshire for a few years I was more often than not in frequent contact with well kept casks of Landlord, so it won a permanent place in my heart.

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