The Lansdowne Pub

I’m still relatively new to Cardiff so there are dozens of pubs I’ve not yet visited. When people learn I’m a bit into beer they often recommend a pub I should go to. Two always get mentioned again and again – the first is The Albany, in Roath, and the other is the Lansdowne, in Canton.

Seeing as many pubs in Cardiff as possible is one of this year’s aims, so yesterday I made a point of going over to check out the Lansdowne.

I quickly lost sight of the mission objective and left after two drinks, so I failed to take it all in. It had a bright, airy feel in spite of its modest size. It was standing room only when I went in, with bar staff bustling about with food and drink, though this was partly down to the rugby. A dart board and piano were in one corner and each of the two rooms had a TV.

It’s a real ale pub, with pump clips decorating the wall and ceiling around the bar, and I was pleased to see Ilkley Gold, one of my favourite beers, on hand pull. Sadly the cask seemed tired – it wasn’t undrinkable but it didn’t taste fresh either.

They also had the Vienna Red beer from the Pipes brewery on keg. The Pipes brewery is just up the road in Pontcanna so that tasted as fresh as they come.

I need to make another trip to the Lansdowne, ideally when it’s a little quieter (not that I don’t like busy pubs, that’s when they’re at their best, but it’s hard to get a feel for a bar when you can’t see the bar), though first impression revealed a quality community pub.


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