New beers from Tiny Rebel

Fans of Tiny Rebel beers will be pleased to hear they’re launching three new beers. It’s been a busy old time down at Tiny Towers, with new kit being installed and further growth in the beer pipeline. I’m just going to share this announcement which appeared on their website recently:


Triple Belgian Yeast Blend, Belgian Blonde Ale 6%

Not the catchiest name we’ve ever come up with but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Created on the back of Gazz’s slight obsession for yeast our latest beer is having its debut on tap at both Urban Tap House and The Craft Beer Co. Craft 100 festival simultaneously this Thursday 3rd April. As the name suggests we have used 3 original yeast strains that have been blended into one. The strains are – 1 Belgian Ale type and 2 Trappists! All sorts of delightful aromas and flavours are thrown out in this mash-up of yeasts.

One Inch Punch 3.9%

We released this little number 2 weeks back as a Tiny Batch Edition and it turned out to be our quickest selling beer to date, not just at the brewery but 360 pints were sold in just 3 hours down at Urban Tap House. So by popular demand One Inch Punch has made its way in to our gang of core beers and will be making its return to our beer list in two weeks time. This 3.9% session has been hopped and dry hopped with Mosaic and backed up with a bulky malt bill to give some body behind the punch.



Sonic Boom 6.8%

We love IPA’s. We haven’t brewed a new IPA in ages. Let’s brew a new IPA! With Urban IPA and Hadouken already well established we had to sit down and have a serious think about this one. The result was a Red IPA, full of our house yeast flavour, a big malty backbone and hopped with loads of Citra giving it a generous bitterness……..simple, but very effective.


BO’HO 5%

Somebody say BOOOO!!!! Yes, Bo’Ho is our 1st every lager. Not just any lager, it’s an Unfiltered Bohemian Lager that has been chillin in our conditioning tank for the past 4 weeks.

Like all authentic style beers we managed to source a traditional style Bohemian Lager strain to produce a beer with a decent malt back bone, fruity aroma and clean crisp finish. Traditional pilsner malt made up the majority of the malt bill whilst the bohemian Saaz hops being the flavouring hop.

Who ever said lagers couldn’t be awesome?



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