Maibock Festival

It’s May and that means the Maibock Beer Festival is almost here. Taking place at Chapter Arts from Wednesday 21 May to Sunday 25 May, Maibock is a springtime celebration of German beer and German food.

“Bavarian Maibock beers are traditionally lighter and hoppier than other bock (strong) beers, to reflect and celebrate the transition from winter to spring” says Megan from Chapter Arts. “This year we will be running the festival bar for an extra day to coincide with Art Car Bootique, so you can enjoy a pint of well-crafted German beer whilst exploring the stalls outside… hopefully in the spring sun! Prost!”

The Maibock Festival holds a place in my heart because last year I discovered Ganstaller Green Gold IPA, my favourite beer of 2013 – no easy accomplishment given the beers I drank last year (see 365 Craft Beers). The beer list is still being compiled but there’s hope for a return of that tasty beer, as Megan confirms they “fully intend to bring some new brews to Chapter, alongside established favourites.”

If memory serves me rightly from last year, they essentially bring in 50* odd kegs of beer and run them on an extra pop-up bar with about 6 or 8 font lines dispensing each time. When a beer is gone that’s it, they put a new beer on and keep the beer train rolling.

Jot it down in your planners, I can’t strongly recommend this event enough.

Dates and times again:

Wed 21 – Sun 25 May
Wed to Thu 5pm–11pm
Fri 5pm–12.30am
Sat 1pm–12am
Sun 12pm–10.30pm

Entry is free. Beer is not.

*They print a detailed beer list which is available at the festival – it looked like it had 50 on it last year but could have been 30 or a 100, so don’t quote me, it was a year ago…


5 thoughts on “Maibock Festival”

      1. Which brewery? I recall the Skinner’s tour being brief but, at the end, free reign of the brewery tap bar until the next toir came along. This was a few years back mind.

  1. Despite being closer to Sharps they don’t do tours currently this time of year, so yes it’ll be skinners (and we can pick up a polypin for taking back to the farmhouse). They we’re very quick and helpful in correspondence I must say.

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