A new Directory of Welsh Breweries project

In late 2012/early 2013, I created the Directory of Welsh Breweries on my blog. It has proven a popular resource, with many people commenting that they found it useful, and other just linking to it. In that time, however, the Welsh brewing scene has grown at a rapid pace at that directory is now considerably out of date.

I am now working on creating a fully updated directory which will be compiled in PDF format and made freely available to the public. With any luck it’ll be updated and released annually. I’m passionate about showcasing the Welsh beer scene and I believe that this directory will play a small but helpful role in showing the world that Welsh beer is blazing a trail.

Now, as I said, breweries are popping up everywhere. In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be tracking them down as best as I can; however, if you know of a Welsh brewery, or you are one (well, not literally, I’d be a bit spooked if I received an email from a mash tun – I mean, if you own one or work for one) then please drop me an email at craigheap AT Hotmail DOT co DOT uk.

Iechyd da!


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