Directory of Welsh Breweries

With the recent emergence of Tiny Rebel Brew Co, The Celt Experience, Otley and Brains Craft, Welsh beer has never been better. But these aren’t the only breweries helping to make the Welsh beer scene great. This part of my blog seeks to list and profile every brewery in Wales.

It’s also important to see where Welsh beer came from in order to appreciate where it is today, so in time I’ll also be gathering a list of every brewery that has ever existed in Wales.

If you have any information to contribute to this growing document I would be delighted to hear from you. Corrections are especially welcome.

You will be able to click on each brewery name to be taken to a profile of the brewery and its beers once it has been created. Until a profile has been created, clicking on a name will take you to the brewery’s website where available.

Sources include: The Microbrewers Handbook by Ted Bruning (2nd Ed), QuaffaleSIBA, the Association of Welsh Independent Brewers, general looking around with my eyes and the goodwill of Twitterers. Please note, the more recent (2011) 3rd edition of The Microbrewers Handbook lists about 37 Welsh breweres, and the CAMRA Good Beer Guide (40th edition) lists, I’m told, 52 Welsh breweries. I list 63. Until I can directly compare each list, I believe the difference may be due to definition of breweries. I have listed brewpubs, breweries which brew under contract, very recently opened breweries, and the Wrexham Lager Beer Brewery which may not be listed under CAMRA’s list of ‘Real Ale’ breweries.

Breweries of Wales

Total: 63 


Artisan Brewing Co
Brains Craft 
Violet Cottage Brewing Company (at Gwaelod Y Garth pub)


Coles Family Brewery (at the White Hart Inn)
Ffos y Ffin Brewery
Kite Brewery
The Friends Arms Brewery
The Jacobi Brewery of Caio
William Evan-Evans Brewery


Bragdy Gwynant (at the Tynllidiart Arms)
Penlon Cottage Brewery


Bragdy Nant Brewery
Conwy Brewery
Great Orme Brewery
North Wales Brewery 


Heavy Industry Brewing
Llangollen Brewery

The Denbigh Brewery


Facer’s Brewery


Bryncelyn Brewery
Carter’s Brewery
Cerddin Brewery
Gower Brewery (at The Greyhound Inn)
Grey Trees Brewery (at The Red Cow Pub)
Neath Ales
Otley Brewing Co
Pixie Springs Brewing Company
Rhymney Brewery
Swansea Brewing Company
The Celt Experience
Tiny Rebel Brew Co
Tomos Watkin (Hurns Brewing Co)
Vale of Glamorgan Brewery
Warcop Country Ales


Big Bog Brewing Company
Cwrw Llyn Cwf
Cwrw Cader Ales
Purple Moose Brewery
Snowdonia Brewery


Kingstone Brewery
Tudor Brewery


Caffle Brewery
Gwaun Valley
Nag’s Head Brewery (at the Nag’s Head Inn)
Preseli Brewery
Seren Brewing


Brecon Brewing
Breconshire Brewery
Cader Ales
Heart of Wales Brewery (at the Neuadd Arms Hotel)
Llangorse Brewery
Monty’s Brewery
Radnorshire Ales
Rotters Brewery (at The Towers Hotel)
Untapped Brewing
Waen Brewery


Axiom Brewing
Jolly Brewer
McGivern Ales
Plassey Brewery
Sandstone Brewery
Wrexham Lager Beer



9 thoughts on “Directory of Welsh Breweries”

  1. In Cardiff you’ve mised out Untapped Brewing, who’ve been araound a while and mainly do bottled. UPA is a favourite of mine.

    In Denbighshire there’s a newish brewery called Heavy Industry Brewing, Iv’e had one of their golden beers which was really nice.

    Nice blog BTW, thanks for posting the links for the jobs in SE Wales – I might go for one or two of them!

    1. Hi Rhys,

      The Untapped Brewery are registered in Cardiff but are ‘gypsy brewers’; they have no brewery of their own and brew under contract elsewhere. I think somewhere in Gloucestershire, though I’m unsure. Last I heard they were planning to set up in Radnor. For now I’ve listed them under ‘Under Contract’ at the bottom of the page.

      Thanks for the heads up on Heavy Industry. Denbighshire is my old home county, so I’ll be keen to check them out, maybe pay them a visit next time I see my folks.

      So many new Welsh breweries have sprung up lately my page is already out of date. There’s Seren Brewery, and one or two others, Time for an update!

      Thanks for your comment and good luck with the job applications.

      1. Hello there… Martyn from the Untapped Brewing Company here… just stumbled across your post… bit of info for you: We are based in Raglan ( don’t know where Radnor came about..!) and have been since May of last year. We do a whole range of beers ( Golden ale, I.P.A. Best Bitter, stout, Winter beer & Wheat beer) in bottle and cask which we supply to pubs locally and distribute the bottles to many outlets…

    2. Thanks for the list, I’ve just moved to the Wrexham area and had no idea all these breweries existed (although it’s hard to miss Wrexham Lager). Thanks for the whole list, there’s a lot of breweries to sample from, hopefully by this time next year, every north wales breweries will have been sampled.

      1. Thanks Laura, glad the list is of some help. I believe Axiom Brewery has opened, or is due to open, in the Wrexham area so another one to look out for.

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